Our Range

Our Coffee Machines are German engineered Super Automatic coffee machines by WMF offering ease of use and technological advances to the preparation of real espresso based coffee drinks.  Giving you, the user a café quality coffee at the press of a single button. Swiss made Jura machines are also available.

WMF is the premium brand, that is world renowned, for super automatic coffee machines and have a selection of models catering for a wide spectrum of coffee needs. From small workplaces to large scale offices with 100’s of employees.



The WMF range are incredibly versatile with the ability to pre-programme a multitude of different coffee beverages.  Everything is done for you automatically, so a barista quality coffee with fresh beans and real milk is yours at the press of a button.


The WMF range is fully customisable to suit your specific needs with optional accessories like  milk fridges and specialised mobile cabinets.


Morale Booster.  As well as providing a morale booster for your staff, super automatic coffee machines boost company productivity as they cut down coffee break times as staff do not need to leave the company premises to secure a fresh a coffee.


WMF machines feature automated cleaning cycles, and the patented milk Plug & Clean system, meaning cleaning is super easy to operate and maintain.  They also feature superior energy efficiency through their smart operating modes, helping to cut down on your energy consumption.



This is the WMF One Touch concept



All you have to do is place a glass under the spout and press a button and the WMF Super Automatic will create a cafe quality coffee for you, using real coffee beans and fresh milk.


Perfect coffee with Ease
A coffee machine that ensures consistent high quality coffee is always created. All your favourite coffees are pre-programmed for your convenience, including: Espresso, Americana, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha,
and Hot Chocolates.