How it Works

What’s it all about…Well, It’s really quite simple; You have a choice from our range of world class high quality Super Automatic WMF Coffee machines, which are not only reliable and easy to use, they’ll give you a perfect cup of coffee every time…


Our WMF machines are FREE of any rent and we don’t ask you to buy them, because they are owned by us, so it’s in our best interest to make sure your machine is always kept in top condition, without you worrying about repairs or maintenance. Only quick and simple house keeping is needed which will be shown to you on initial installation and training.  Our JURA machines will soon be offered as a rental option, further expanding the flexibility of our services.  (You can enquire about this rental option now).


From only $1 per cup, you can have a fantastic complete Fully Automatic Coffee Machine in your workplace. Please contact us for more information on pricing, because it varies depending on which package you choose.


There are no fixed contracts so you’ll be under no obligation, giving you the luxury of trialling our service. It’s our aim to provide you with the very best in product, service and equipment. So even though you’ll have the option of ending this remarkably affordable service at any time, we’ll do our very best through our wealth of experience and extensive resources to keep you extremely happy at all times. We value all of our clients, many of whom have been with us for many years. Please feel free to read what our clients have to say on our testimonials page.


You’ll be provided with the option of having a regular supply of all high quality consumables, including award winning Delano coffee beans (roasted fresh each week) and Chocolate. However, if you have a preferred brand of coffee, we may be able to accommodate. Consumables supplied include quality double wall paper cups, sugar sticks, plastic spoons, paper napkins etc. These will be left with you on every service call to your premises.