Why do people prefer the coffee that comes from the same origin?

Why do people prefer the coffee that comes from the same origin?

The coffee that comes from a single field, area or country that produces the same quality of the coffee throughout is basically preferred over a blend or a mix. The taste is not throughout when it comes to a blend. The blend coffee is a mix of many coffees that comes from many different fields, which tastes different. Some coffee consumers use them frequently as they think that the mix of much coffee gives them a taste of many other countries and idea of the coffee that exist across a nation or the country. But the sophisticated consumers across the globe often complain that the blend also gives them taste of some too bitter or unwanted coffee tastes. So, the coffee that comes from the same origin is mostly preferred and many big and reputed companies are shifting their manufacturing from blends to the same origin coffee, including Starbucks which recently fished a bill which stated that the coffee was exclusively from the same origin.

What are the advantages of coffee that comes from the same origin? 
The coffee that has the similar or same origin is called single origin coffee. This type of coffee has many wide spread demand and also suited benefits. Many companies shifting their production to this are a huge factor that tells that the response to this type of coffee is immense. Some of the benefits of this type of coffee are listed below –

1. The taste of the coffee that comes from the same origin is same throughout and doesn’t change even after having it processed. The uniform taste of this type of coffee gives it an extra point in gaining the reputation that has gained in today’s generation.
2. Sometimes, the blend of the coffee also has a cheaper quality coffee mixed in it. This comes as a negative point to the consumer of the coffee.
3. Mixed with a quality lesser than the base coffee, the taste and aroma of the coffee changes entirely and it is easy for a regular user to figure this out!
4. On the other hand, the coffee that comes from the same origin is uniform and doesn’t change of aroma either. Every use has the same taste as it had initially.
There are many disadvantages to this type of manufacturing coffee too. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the coffee crops change their taste according to season and having to rely on only one farm or only one area of production gives losses to the company as the taste changes and the consumer levels falls down. Also, the crops that get damaged due to rainfalls/hailstorms etc. are a big proof of losses to the companies depending on the single origin and not on the blend.

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