Why do people prefer the coffee that comes from the same origin?

The coffee that comes from a single field, area or country that produces the same quality of the coffee throughout is basically preferred over a blend or a mix. The taste is not throughout when it comes to a blend. The blend coffee is a mix of many coffees that comes from many different fields, which tastes different. Some coffee consumers use them frequently as they think that the mix of much coffee gives them a taste of many other countries and idea of the coffee that exist across a nation or the country. But the sophisticated consumers across the globe often complain that the blend also gives them taste of some too bitter or unwanted coffee tastes. So, the coffee that comes from the same origin is mostly preferred and many big and reputed companies are shifting their manufacturing from blends to the same origin coffee, including Starbucks which recently fished a bill which stated that the coffee was exclusively from the same origin.

What are the advantages of coffee that comes from the same origin?
The coffee that has the similar or same origin is called single origin coffee. This type of coffee has many wide spread demand and also suited benefits. Many companies shifting their production to this are a huge factor that tells that the response to this type of coffee is immense. Some of the benefits of this type of coffee are listed below –

1. The taste of the coffee that comes from the same origin is same throughout and doesn’t change even after having it processed. The uniform taste of this type of coffee gives it an extra point in gaining the reputation that has gained in today’s generation.
2. Sometimes, the blend of the coffee also has a cheaper quality coffee mixed in it. This comes as a negative point to the consumer of the coffee.
3. Mixed with a quality lesser than the base coffee, the taste and aroma of the coffee changes entirely and it is easy for a regular user to figure this out!
4. On the other hand, the coffee that comes from the same origin is uniform and doesn’t change of aroma either. Every use has the same taste as it had initially.
There are many disadvantages to this type of manufacturing coffee too. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the coffee crops change their taste according to season and having to rely on only one farm or only one area of production gives losses to the company as the taste changes and the consumer levels falls down. Also, the crops that get damaged due to rainfalls/hailstorms etc. are a big proof of losses to the companies depending on the single origin and not on the blend.

The Power Of Coffee

Coffee and work have a close reflection; coffee and work always go together. In actual fact, the average worker spends almost $1,092 on coffee every year. Work without coffee is far less productive then work with coffee. There are many researches that how coffee can be productive for the employees at their workplace. So here are some points that researchers pointed out in recent studies…
Coffee helps you to increase your powers of perception.
If you ever thought that you feel more alert after having a cup coffee, then you are right about this because researchers at London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine recently proven scientifically that coffee increase your alertness. Caffeine in the coffee increases your power of thinking, reasoning, attention and perception.
What Is The Right Time To Have A Cup Of Coffee?
If you are taking a cup of coffee right after getting up from bed between 8am to 9am, or you are having coffee at noon, or at 1pm as well as between 5.30pm to 6.30pm, then you’re making a mistake. Most of the people have spikes in their level of cortisol in these intervals which helps your body to extracts different minerals and in metabolism. So a dose of caffeine can decrease the level of cortisol which will not be good for your body. The best time to have coffee is between 9.30am to 11.30am, and if you wish to have a full day which should be full of energy then had another one between 1.30pm to 3.30pm.
Have a Break with Coworker and a Cup of Coffee
Recently a study showed that a cup of coffee while having a little chit chat with your colleagues increases productivity level. According to the study “giving employees a break at the same increase their productivity level and social circle as well which helps them to work in a better way and it also increase their satisfaction for the job”.
Stay Away From Coffee if you’re Stressed Out.
If you had a bad day at your workplace and you are feeling stressed then coffee will not be good for you. Because a study at Duke University Medical Center has shown that caffeine in the coffee can increase your blood pressure adrenaline levels. So if you are stressed out then find some other to get relaxed.

Cup of coffee a day leads to more ethical workplace.

A cup of coffee is largely considered to be a kick-starter to anyone’s day. For those that aren’t so convinced, there’s enough evidence out there to spread the word…

There have been several studies taking up the issue of coffee drinking in the workplace and the benefits it poses. A recent study has shed some light on the consumption of coffee. They said, two cups of coffee with a normal amount of caffeine, helps staff that might have an acute case of insomnia. This will aid them to confront any unscrupulous clout they might have to bear due to their condition.

In many scenarios, this has been the case where due to this insomnia; employers may coerce you to opt for the unethical reasons. They understand your condition and might take advantage of the condition. But a cup of coffee can help in resisting this domination.

The researchers have built a firm case keeping in the above mentioned research in their mind, the insomnia or the depravation of sleep can hinder the train of thoughts to the level that you may not actually think properly, depleted emotions, behaviours, and decremented sensing towards unethical activities.

They wanted volunteers for their study; they kept their volunteers awake all night to review their actions at morning. They were given 2 cups of caffeinated coffees which have the exact 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Both types of people were encouraged to lie to their bosses and employers to earn some extra money. The ones, who didn’t have any coffee, did really well in the lying portion compared to the ones that had two cups of coffee. The volunteers who had taken the caffeine were honest in their routine but the caffeine deprived ones really found it easy to play the game of deception with their bosses.

After the study was published and cited by many top rated authors, the researchers made several suggestions based on their research. These are as follows:

  • The coffee should be provided at the workplace by the employers
  • Making comfortable hours for the employees
  • A place for napping during the intense work hours

A self-consciousness and awareness training sessions at the office

The Perfect Coffee Machine

If you have a company or corporation and you want to have a relaxed and friendly environment for your employees, then you should have something that perks them up for the whole day. According to research, a little coffee break of 10 to 15 minutes a day will add incentive for your employees to work better and thus increasing productivity. But for this, you should have a coffee machine/s at your disposal, as it will be convenient for you and your employees, saving your team time across the board. So here are some coffee machines you can have at your firm which are best in market.
1- Nespresso Krups Pixie.
This coffee machine is compact and can be placed in any corner. It provides a good quality cup of coffee within 25 seconds. This machine doesn’t have capacity of frothed milk, however.

2- De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.110.B
This machine is best if you like to have a strong coffee. This machine directly crushes the coffee beans for richer, stronger and more intense coffee. This machine De Longhi’s Magnifica is a little more expensive, but this is one of the better-value high street options. This model has a lot of options for making coffee.

3 The WMF 900S
Stands out due to its attractive design and the high-quality casing with titanium highlights. It features a steam jet cup warmer and the innovative WMF All-In-One Spout, WMF Plug&Clean and WMF Removable brewer system.
The WMF 900S functions with the tried and tested quality of professional WMF coffee machines and WMF’s renowned ease of use. WMF 900S PERFECT FOR 35 COFFEE MACHINES

Free Trade Coffee – The Ethical Pick-Me-Up

As the world becomes more connected, there is a great emphasis on the “global village”. This way of thinking helps people understand that everybody is connected and the decisions we all make (from recycling to solar power) affect everyone. One of the latest “global village” trends is buying fair trade products such as coffee. But why is it so important to buy fair trade, organic coffee?

Supports Local Communities and Workers – By buying fair trade coffee, you’re helping the workers, organisations and communities involved in production to receive a living wage. It also diverts support away from commodities practices which deprive workers of basic needs, such as: food, health care, shelter and education.

Fair Price – You support a fair price for products. All certified fair trade coffee has a base price, which is set by the International Fair Trade Labelling Organisation. So, you don’t get ripped off and neither do the workers. It’s a win-win situation.

Supports Environmental Sustainability – When you buy fair trade coffee, you’re supporting environmental sustainability through organic practices which eliminate the use of harmful toxic chemicals. What’s more, fair trade coffee farmers use sustainable production methods to ensure the environment thrives for years to come.

Invests Local Community Building – Many coffee producers move into villages and towns, taking over local customs and culture. Whereas, fair trade coffee operatives reinvest their revenue into their community. So, when you buy from a fair trade producer, you’re investing money back into your local community. Fair trade producers offer back a social premium to local projects, such as: housing, healthcare, education, leadership training and women’s programs.

It Tastes Better and is Healthier for You – Fair trade coffee is the healthier choice, and most importantly, it tastes better than its mass marketed counterparts. As global demand increases, mass-producing coffee methods lead to lower-quality produce. Fair trade coffee is grown at a slower rate, under a rainforest canopy. With the absence of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, fair trade coffee is packed with nutrients.

It Eliminates the Middle Man – Do you have any idea how many hands your daily $3.50 latte has been through? Though you may not realise it, your daily coffee fix has gone through the hands of up to 10 different farmers, exporters, brokers, processors and roasters before it reaches your lips. Fair trade coffee eliminates these costly middle men by working directly with cooperatives of small bean farmers.

Benefits of drinking coffee at work

In my workplace, coffee builds rapport. When someone goes for a coffee run they collect everyone’s orders, trying to remember ‘who ordered which coffee’ (mine’s a long black with a dash of cold milk). The runner returns like the village medicine man, bestowing specialised elixirs to the ailing people.

Boutique Coffee @ Work and their Quality German Made Super Automatic Coffee Machines take away the need for a coffee runner, creating an environment where coffee is low cost, top quality, and more social.take-away-coffee

Everyone loves a pick-me-up at work, but is all this coffee drinking actually doing us good?

Lab rats hopped-up on caffeine

To test the cognitive benefits of drinking coffee, a 2013 study tested the effects of caffeinated coffee on 150 rats. The rats were divided into 5 groups, each consuming varied amounts of coffee. They performed tests like walking on a balance rod, running up an incline and running on a motorised wheel (rats do possess a limited, running-based skill set) to measure their balance, stamina and coordination etc.

The results showed that the rats on the highest doses of coffee were performing better on almost all the tests, especially the aged rats. Other benefits like memory and social recognition also showed improvement.

What does this mean for the work place? Moderate coffee consumption markedly improves motor and cognitive skills, while stimulating the reward centres in the brain. While it might not be all you need to get that lengthy report done overnight, it could help you pay extra attention during meeting the next morning, at the very least.


Chatting around the Coffee Machine

It doesn’t quite work to extrapolate evidence of human social behaviour from rats drinking coffee in little glass boxes, but coffee does have social benefits. Taking a ten to fifteen minute coffee break with co-workers, what psychologist Suzy Green calls a “micro-break”, is essential to work performance. Green talks about the benefits of having time to let your mind wander, as so many of us have our best ideas when we’re having “down-time”.

Taking the time to chat with co-workers, swap ideas and seek help for problems, is massively important in any workplace or institution because it keeps co-workers happy to work. Boutique Coffee @ Work’s ingenuity allows the “water-cooler effect” to take place around a coffee machine. Workers can congregate as they wait their turn for a hot cup, enjoying one another’s company and letting the rewarding effects of coffee kick in, before heading back to the desk.