The perfect coffee machine

The perfect coffee machine

If you have a company or corporation and you want to have a relaxed and friendly environment for your employees, then you should have something that perks them up for the whole day. According to research, a little coffee break of 10 to 15 minutes a day will add incentive for your employees to work better and thus increasing productivity. But for this, you should have a coffee machine/s at your disposal, as it will be convenient for you and your employees, saving your team time across the board. So here are some coffee machines you can have at your firm which are best in market.

1- Nespresso Krups Pixie. 
This coffee machine is compact and can be placed in any corner. It provides a good quality cup of coffee within 25 seconds. This machine doesn’t have capacity of frothed milk, however.

2- De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.110.B 
This machine is best if you like to have a strong coffee. This machine directly crushes the coffee beans for richer, stronger and more intense coffee. This machine De Longhi’s Magnifica is a little more expensive, but this is one of the better-value high street options. This model has a lot of options for making coffee.

3 The WMF 900S 
Stands out due to its attractive design and the high-quality casing with titanium highlights. It features a steam jet cup warmer and the innovative WMF All-In-One Spout, WMF Plug&Clean and WMF Removable brewer system.
The WMF 900S functions with the tried and tested quality of professional WMF coffee machines and WMF’s renowned ease of use. WMF 900S PERFECT FOR 35 COFFEE MACHINES

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