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Thanks for visiting! Whether you have a corporate office of over 150 staff or a small office with minimal staff, Boutique Coffee @work has the perfect coffee machine for you, all over Melbourne!

A Cheap Solution for a Better Office Environment

As well as providing a morale boost for your staff, our World class German made WMF Super Automatic Commercial Coffee Machines, will increase your company’s productivity by cutting down on break times, as staff do not need to leave the premises to enjoy a delicious espresso-based latte using freshly ground beans. Buying a quality latte and going out of the office for it is not cheap, our coffee machines will help you and your staff keep this money in your pockets.

Our fantastic range of WMF commercial machines do it all for you automatically, with just the press of a button, to barista quality. We don’t use artificial products (like pod machines) that taste cheap, our coffee machines use fresh beans and real milk every time.

Nothing gets you through the workday better than a good mug of coffee. Providing businesses across Melbourne with machines that can be hired out at an affordable rate, we continue to place café-standard beverages in the hands of the commercial industry.

Featuring cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, espresso and even iced coffee options, we allow workplaces throughout the area to indulge in perfection.

Best of all, our teams attend the site of any one of our coffee machines to ensure they are kept up-to-scratch and in flawless working order. Whether it be fortnightly, weekly or monthly, we ensure each piece of equipment is contributing towards the exceptional standard we believe our services to be.

Workplace Coffee Machines Backed by Exceptional Customer Service

We are focused on providing a very high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. That is why you are assured we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Call now to ask about a trial period with no obligation. An initial consultation will verify which type and size of machine you require. Our experience, exceptional service and quality of our machines, will ensure the best possible experience in your workplace at a reasonable price.

We have a variety of options to choose from, so call now and let us tailor the best package for your business. Whether you want to hire machines, buy fully automatic cappuccino machines, or whatever your requirements, we can help with your business and staff happiness.

Check on our website regularly, there is much more to come!

A little about us

Since 2008, we’ve committed our name and reputation to presenting our customers with quality coffee and a variety of hot beverages that are as aromatic as they are enjoyable. Expanding our expertise into the coffee machine specialty, we’ve also created an innovative range of exclusive coffee equipment that has become a best-in-class line.

We know good coffee. We’re the ones that make it.

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